AWA - K38 Safety Day

Pic of the event organizers

Moving On
I had just finished a 4 day swiftwater rescue boat course, I had 600 miles of driving ahead of me, but first a stop at the State Capitol in Sacramento to visit with OES Cheif Hurley and review the new Swiftwater rigs he's worked hard at with his team to create 13 mobile units for the USAR teams in California (Urban Search and Rescue).

The drive was hot, we had entered a heat wave, I made it close to my warehouse, but not close enough. The four place water vehicle trailer blew a leaf spring. It was the end of the road. I still had 300 more miles to go to get on a plane for the AWA K38 Safety Day that was to commence the following morning in Virginia. Steady as She Goes, is my motto, keep thinking keep moving..nice little sentences that motivate and keep me cool under pressure.

I was fortunate the axle didn't blow, it could have been a catastrophe. HWY 101 was under construction, there was no shoulder to pull over for safety. I watched my side view mirror, prayed and breathed, stayed calm and limped along as I watch the rear section slowly deteriorate. After several miles the Buellton exit loomed, salvation! The noise was increasing and a little smoke from the friction of the tire, which was now part of my calculation of repairs. New springs, new bearings, new tires and whatever else...I stopped right in front of a trailer business on the red curb. I would gladly take a parking ticket.

I waited for the business to open. Negotiated the terms and conditions, dropped the trailer with my newest angel and continued down 101 fully engaged in traffic as I slouched through the LA basin. I was going to make it, well of course I was!

Here Now, There Tomorrow
My kids took me to the airport, the heat had taken a toll on all of us including southern California. I boarded the plane, sat down in my seat and a 2 year old child next to me cried the entire 5 hour flight. This kid is remarkable I think. Not only can this child stay up all night long, but with tears, crying. That takes strength. I felt sorry for her suffering as this wasn't just a mere fit of growing up. I didn't get any sleep. Foiled again.

Who says Boating Education isn't Sexy?

Well they are wrong, look at these beautiful people!

I'm picked up at the Dulles and begin a racer's pace to Lake Anna. The AWA club members and Lake Anna Boaters Association were already in progress with their State of Virginia boating education course. The instructor was really good! I tried to sleep but found myself listening to how she ran the pace of her class, I wanted to see if I could learn anything from her own example.

Our teaching format for the first part of the day: All participants were able to take their Viriginia Boating Education course along with our on-water segment. She was really good, I enjoyed listening to her descriptions, very interactive and supportive. Students took their written exam and then we moved onto the water.

Metro Police Officer from the harbor division, Rob Caligaro, also a K38 certified boat operator came down to visit and catch up on future AWA programs. The lunch was catered, and I did have two helpings, would have had 3 if I didn't have to work! All participants were given an AWA Schwag Bag.