Monday, July 07, 2008
AWA/K-38 Boat Handling Course – Kentucky
posted by Wiley Russell Jr
Pleasant Valley Marine and the Tri-State PWC Club offer a personal watercraft safety course in Kentucky.

Pleasant Valley Marine of Florence Kentucky, in conjunction with the Tri-State PWC Club and the Commonwealth of Kentucky offer a one day personal watercraft safety and boat handling course to be offered at Potters Ranch on Gunpowder Creek just off the Ohio River on July 19th 2008.

The Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife will provide the state approved boating safety course, followed by lunch and then the hands on AWA/K-38 basic boat handling course using the PWC which matters most: yours.

Working with Pleasant Valley Marine is the American Watercraft Association and K-38 Rescue. Combined, these groups offer an easy and educational one day course for personal watercraft owners. This innovative and practical instruction deals with basic rules of the road, common maintenance procedures, and a challenging half day of practical exercises on the water geared to increase your PWC handling skills.

Created specifically for personal watercraft owners, the course offers comprehensive information combined with hands on testing and real life riding situations.

From launching your PWC to docking, we suggest skills that will help you become more knowledgeable and safe on the water. The basic tasks we teach are used to instruct First Responders, the Military and professional tow-surfers in watercraft handling. As easy and fun as personal watercraft are to ride and enjoy, we believe there is always room for more safety. Our boat handling course includes:

Centering: Learn the proper way to position your body on a craft.

Boarding and Re-boarding: Re-boarding a PWC is easy, or is it? Do you really know how to right an overturned boat? We offer tips for re-boarding your personal watercraft, and with passengers.

Walk The Deck: Discover your safe balance points on your personal watercraft.

Johnny B: Learn how to use the ‘pivot point’ of your vessel to give you better control.

Slalom: A buoy course designed to teach you throttle control and body placement

Raid Drill: Designed to teach you how to reach low to the waterline and maintain craft stability

Docking: Learn techniques for approaching a dock and using an EZ Dock.
Join us for the AWA/K-38 Boat Handling Course Sponsored in part by McGraw Insurance., and turn one day into a lifetime of safety and knowledge. The course is free and will be offered Saturday July 19, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Potters Ranch in Union, Kentucky. The Potters Ranch is located at 11500 Victory School House Road on Gun Powder Creek and the Ohio River. Click here for detailed direction:
The course is free for PWC owners.

For more information, or to register, contact the American Watercraft Association at 800-913-AWA1(2921) or on the web at