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    Just rebuilt a GPR 1200 at 80hours!

    Hi, I've just rebuilt my engine after my son siezed the rear cylinder and lost the bottom end bearings on that same rear cylinder! my son has had the ski from nearly new, only had 20 hours on it when he bought it from a dealer in Florida, it had already had a top end aftermrket piston job done on it. I've asked around and lots of people have told me to disconnect the oil injection pump and run premix! I've made up a plate to cover off the hole and have just a few items to reassemble so am nearly ready to try it out. What's the general feeling on this machine? I've raced two strokes years ago in Karts and Bikes, apart from being tempremental and watching the mixture settings have never ruined a bottom end only top end siezes from running to lean! What we'd do to get a little more out of them.
    Any way let me know the scoop on what I should do, if I go with premix what ratio should I used? If I go back to the oil injection how can I be sure the oil is getting in there other than the thing letting go again!

    Thanks in advance for your inputs,

    Mike Sher.

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    Spend some money and get a block off kit. Then we know you wont have problems with it. Then i would run 40:1 amsoil. I second thought.......Does the block off look neat and clean? Keep it if it does.

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    Here are a few things to do on your GPR when modding. Welcome Mike.

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    If it doesn't have the WaveEater clips, I'd get some ASAP. Or you just may rebuilding the top-end again sooner than you'd think.

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