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    How much for trade in?

    How much could I get for my ski on trade in. It is the 03 yamaha in my sig and it only has 49 hours. It is in real good shape, I have no idea what to expect on trade in. What about outright what would you ask? I know it has been asked a lot, but I just want some input.

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    A dealer will not give you alot on trade in.Just like trading a car in,not a good deal.In stock form,good condition,without trailer,in the low $5k range.I have seen prices vary for this year ski quit a bit though.
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    Thanks a lot I was gonna try for 5500 with no trailer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by super_gtx View Post
    Thanks a lot I was gonna try for 5500 with no trailer.

    Don't trade it, sell it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilnEdee View Post
    Don't trade it, sell it!
    You wanna buy it?

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