Notice: 5943304 Notice of Development of Rulemaking Department: FISH AND WILDLIFE CONSERVATION COMMISSION Division: Vessel Registration and Boating Safety Chapter: MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR MANDATORY BOATING SAFETY COURSES RULE: 68D-36.107 Minimum Training Requirements for Personal Watercraft Rentals68D-36.109 Boating Safety Information to be Displayed at Liveries (Boat Rental Facilities)PURPOSE: The purpose of the amendment is to revise the personal watercraft safety information standards and move the information standards to the new rule to be included with the other vessel types. The purpose of the proposed rule will establish standards for safety information to be displayed to the public by boat rental facilities as required by Section 327.54, Florida Statutes. The effect of this rule will be for the Boating and Waterways Section to create the products and distribute to liveries without charge. SUBJECT: Boating safety information to be displayed at liveries (boat rental facilities). AUTHORITY:327.04, 327.39, 327.54 FS. LAW:327.39, 327.54 FS. PRINT PUBLISH DATE:8/1/2008 Vol. 34/31