If you are going to rent a PWC or encourage someone else to rent one, first go online to www.pwcsafetyschool.com and take a PWC boater education course! Do not allow 1 minute of instruction to pass by with a 'good to go' attitude. Many injury accidents are from people on rental PWC's who take for granted their boating experience and others.
Get informed before you go and enjoy your rented water space!

Day-cation: Jet Skiing on the coast

August 8th, 2008, 8:40 am by Laylan Connelly My grip was tight, hands aching and knuckles white from holding onto the handles with everything I had so I wouldn’t lose control.
That roller coaster feeling – like when you drop quickly and your tummy gets fluttery – jolted through my body with every inch of air as I propelled the Jet Ski onto the bumps on my watery road.
Anyone who knows me can tell you I have just one speed: fast.
There are so many things in our back yard we forget about – and with raising gas prices and people staying close to home – I ventured out recently to discover “day-cations” to share with readers who want to get an afternoon rush here in Orange County.
My friend Cindy’s birthday recently was a perfect excuse to get out on the water. We had recently talked about things we wanted to accomplish this year, and jumping on Jet Skis, which she has never done, was on her list.
When we arrived at Dana Point Jet Ski and Kayak center, we chatted with a young couple who were also heading out into the water.
Fabien Teyssedre, 26, had been several times before, and was taking his friend Orion Valet, who was visiting from France, for the first time.

Before heading out into the open ocean, employee Robert Cooper gave us a quick run down of the rules.
Don’t hit the throttle until you get past the harbor entrance, unless you want a fine. Don’t go past the white buoys that read “swimming only.”
Everything else is fair game. Go out as far as you want. And more importantly, no speed limits.
As Cindy and I slowly head out of the harbor, I look back to see her zigzagging.
“How do I make it go straight!!?”
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