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    Making an XL800 more reliable?

    A friend of mine just bought a 2000 XL800.The ski is near mint with 40 hours.He has a cottage on a small inland lake.He lets anybody ride the ski and he doesn't take very good care of it.I am storing it for him for the winter and he told me do any work I wanted to the ski.I am thinking of installing Waveater clip's and posssibly a D plate.I don't care to make it any faster,just more reliable.Any more suggestions?

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    jy---many people overlook the XL800. In your quest for reliability, the Waveeater Kit you mentioned is a good place to start, but the 2000's came with the early version powervalves which are notorious for breaking and causing problems and should be addressed. The 2000's also came with the thin style impeller housing which should be inspected at minimum.
    A pump seal kit is also a relatively inexpensive mod which adds both reliability and performance.

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    I thought the Waveater clips took care of the powervalve problem?How reliable are the cat convertors in the 2000's?I want my friend to be able to use any kind of oil.

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