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    Intake plastic pipe??

    I got my silicone reducing elbow off ebay from Hong Kong a day after I went on Vacation so I couldn't set up my intake. I haven't got around to looking at it until now.

    I'm considering using a few 4" plastic pipes from home depot and then putting the standard conical air filter on the end. Maybe drilling and taping the plastic pipe to add the CCV hose.

    Here is my start- I just bought this 45° elbow to see if I could get it on my silicone 90°. I used a little olive oil and muscled it on.

    Is it safe to use this type of plastic pipe for my intake??

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    VX1 is the only other member I've seen using home depot pipe for the intake- his might not have been so close to the super charger.

    Is there any reason to worry or can I go down this path?

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    You want the Intake Piping as short as possible. You'll be fine. Just make sure it doesn't wiggle around so much that it might fall off when you are out there jumpin around.

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    If you're not going to try to employ the stock intake too, what you have is the very best intake possible. I've noticed that just a couple more feet of piping brings down the RPMs down. Just put worm clamps on all your transitions, or they will blow off. I spend way too much time in Home Depot looking for custom boat parts.

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