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    Building 580 Yellow Engine - Compression Question

    I am building a 580 Yellow Engine for a friend. He wants the ski on the water for real cheap. We bought it with a bad crank and piston, so we are slowly building it up with used parts we find locally and on e-bay.

    The ski will be used just for cruising around.

    My question is about compression. Someone told me that when you buy a SBT engine, they lower the compression for the fact that they use questionable parts, people use questionable gas, and for added reliability. ( Don't want to get into a discussion about SBT engines)

    Should I try to lower the compression on this unit by doubling up on the cylinder base gaskets? I really don't care if I loose power, just looking for a slow bullet proof ski that can run regular gas.

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    I'd just use the thickest base gasket... probably not a good idea to use two gaskets! SBT engines are junk!

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    Just put it together,it will be fine.

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