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Thread: 87 300sx ?'s

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    87 300sx ?'s

    never owned or riden a stand-up but had the opportunity to purchase a 87 300sx and figure my kids and i can learn on it (if it will pull my 220lbs ass).

    My question is i noticed the ski has a seperate oil tank up front and i assume that is mixing with the gas but i noticed a plug/screw cap looking thing on the back of the crank on the starboard side. Do i fill that with oil?

    Is there anything i should know about this year or do to the ski before i use it? i know with my gpr i installed the block off kit and go premix.

    One more thing i have been able to start the ski by just pushing the botton is there no lanyard?


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    Yes - oil does go in that hole - it is lubrication for the starter i believe - according to the Kawasaki manual I have for it, it isn't picky about the viscosity. If you ever get a 440 or 550, do NOT put oil in them!

    No lanyard, they are supposed to circle if you fall off (operative word being "supposed")

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    At 220# you might find the 300 to weak. You will really have to hang on to hold your balance as it tries to speed up.

    Im230# and my 550 has a tough time with me. Kids love it though

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