Jet-skier rescued by lifeboat at Prestwick

Aug 1 2008
AN EXHAUSTED jet-skier was rescued by a nippy inshore lifeboat on Saturday.
His jet-ski suffered engine failure, and he jumped into the water to try and pull it ashore.
The man quickly suffered from fatigue, but luckily someone called the Coastguard.
And Troon’s small inshore lifeboat was quickly on the scene.
The lifeboatmen helped the jet-skier ashore at Prestwick beach, where he had his trailer.
An eyewitness said: “Conditions were very hazy, but the rescue guys dealt with everything very professionally.
“Coastguards also arrived at the scene, and the jet-skier was none the worse for the incident.”
An RNLI spoksman said: “Our inshore boats are extremely useful in these types of circumstances.”