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Thread: PFD Fitting

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    PFD Fitting

    I'm looking into PFD's for use w/ a Jetski...

    How should they fit? Any pics/guidelines to follow when choosing one?


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    Get the best one you can afford, $35 to $100. "High impact" rated if in your price range. Neoprene is more expensive than nylon, but for a reason. I like central front zipper plus 3 or 4 buckles for most secure fit. Buy big to accomodate layers, if you ride in varying temps. But not so big that PFD floats up over head or shoulders when submerged. I started off buying 1 size fits all so anyone could use it. But now I want best fit for me, and have extras in misc sizes for others. One or more inner pockets are very handy. Maybe buckle small strobe on your PFD. You can then forget about carrying one, unless you need it. PFD probably the single most important piece of equipment you can buy. Its there to save your life.

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    I was looking at them (Jet Pilot) and they fit pretty snug, not super tight or super loose, but "snug". It also comes up 2-3" above my waist. Just want to get one that fits correctly...

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