Well folks here it is! We need adult babysitters round the clock! It seems that without the 'correctional' directions we are just doomed, but then wouldn't the Darwinian theory start to pay off an tip the scales...the weak would all do themselves in and the strong would be clever or lucky enough to survive....

Boaters towing a skier must have spotters

Published: August 12, 2008 11:00 PM

Breaking up beach brawl
On Aug. 4 police attended to Radley Beach as a result of two persons fighting. One person was struck with a rock to the forehead. A 27 year old male was arrested and has been remanded into custody. He faces several Criminal Code charges.
On Aug. 4 police attended to Defoe Rd. as a result of two people fighting using a shovel and a golf club as weapons. The matter is under investigation and recommendation for charges are being forward for Crown Attorney Charge approval. Alcohol is a major contributing factor to this occurrence.
Brotherly not love
On Aug. 5 police attended to Upper Lorne St. to break up a fight between two brothers. Again, alcohol overuse was a major contributing factor to this incident.
Domestic scrap
In the early morning hours of Aug. 6 RCMP attended to Lower Lorne St. as a result of a domestic dispute. An adult female was arrested as a result and the investigation forwarded to Crown for charge approval. Alcohol was a major contributing factor to this incident.
On Aug. 7 police attended to an assault on Beatty Rd. An adult male was later arrested and charge recommendations forwarded for Crown Attorney approval. Alcohol was a major contributing factor to this incident.
On Aug. 7 police travelled to Southbank as a result of a report of an assault. A fight had broken out between two adult males over a small drug debt. There were no serious injuries and charge recommendations are being forwarded for Crown Attorney approval.
Beach fracas
On Aug. 8, a fight broke out between two male youths at Radley Beach. The matter is under investigation.
Drunken girl taken to hospital
On Aug. 9 shortly after 5:00 am police on foot patrol located a 14-year-old female youth, intoxicated and passed out in the Sus Ave ball diamond. An ambulance was dispatched and the youth taken to the hospital for medical treatment. This matter is under investigation.
Rock-throwing vandals
On Aug. 10 police on patrol noted two 15-year-old male youths throwing rocks at various buildings on Government St. The youths admitted throwing rocks at the old OK Tire building. The youths were given verbal warnings in accordance with the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.
Drinking in public
Our office receives a number of calls each week concerning the consumption of alcohol in public areas around the community. Radley Beach, Eagle Creek ball diamonds, Lake Babine ball diamond, and the College of New Caledonia parking lot come to mind as areas of greatest concern. Police would like to remind the public that you must be over 19 years of age to legally consume alcohol in B.C. and the places noted above are considered public and it is illegal to possess or consume liquor in places such as this.
Consumption of alcohol by youth is a real problem our community faces and without going into any detail has resulted in many undesirable outcomes for our youth. Parents/grand parents, please speak to your children about the perils of over-consumption of liquor.
Police would also like to ask the public to assist them with identifying persons who supply liquor to minors. If we are to see any sort of reduction in the illegal use of liquor and for that matter illegal drugs use, your help is needed.
Your assistance is needed in order for police to investigative and pursue legal avenues that may be used to persuade the bootleggers or illegal drug dealers to stop this activity which causes a such tremendous amount of harm to the youth of our community. We cannot make any head way into reducing this problem without everyone pitching in to help. You may call our office at 250-692-7171 or Crime Stoppers at 1-250-847-9666 your name will be held in strictest confidence.
I would like to again remind people to lock up their bikes in order to reduce the likelihood of theft and damage to them.
We have also received reports of boaters towing skiers, surf boards, tubes, etc. with people on them and no spotters to monitor the action of those being towed from the towing boat. This action is not only very dangerous but it is illegal, so please have a spotter on board your boat or personal water craft when it is used to tow someone about on a tube, skis or otherwise.
For the week of August 4 to August 10 Burns Lake RCMP opened 85 files and gave protective custody to 18 persons; a total of 27 of the files were directly related to over-use of alcohol. A brief overview of the files of interest include: one harassing phone call, four uttering threats, 11 calls of mischief, three lost and found, four alarm calls, two breaches of bail or probation, seven reports of assaults, one causing a disturbance, 15 traffic calls, six reports of theft ( three shoplifters and three bike thefts), one assisting the Ministry of Child and Family Development, two reports of impaired driving, and one illegal drug offence.