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    Safety Alert System-LED amber light

    Safety Alert System’, which is designed to help keep people safe on the water.

    This system was designed to alert other watercraft users following you when your watercraft is slowing down. An amber LED light illuminates when the electronic microprocessor senses the G forces generated upon deceleration.

    “This product takes a major step at helping to avoid vessel collisions on our waterways,” says PWC Industries chairman and long-time boat dealer Allen Becker.

    The product has been in development and testing for the last three years with high grades in dependability, quality and ease of installation.
    When using the Safety Alert System, an amber LED light illuminates when you slow down.

    “What better cause can this company be associated with than helping to reduce injuries, fatalities, damage, costly repairs and downtime to you and your watercraft,” says PWC Industries CEO and president Paul Grzebielucha.

    The Safety Alert System works on just about any size boat in the water.

    The Safety Alert System doubles as a distress signal as watercraft operators can press a switch to have the amber LED light flash to alert other boaters that their vessel is down and they need assistance. This will be a tremendous help when tow boats are trying to locate a specific vessel that needs help.

    “The Safety Alert System will work on any vessel from a personnel watercraft to a large boat,” says Todd Bootes, the developer of the Safety Alert System and director of R&D for PWC Industries. “The system, with an advanced microprocessor, senses the forces generated as the vessel slows down and emits a signal that lights the amber LED.”

    The Safety Alert System is a made of high quality marine grade components and is totally waterproof. The circuit board is encapsulated and draws very low current (170 Milliamps) and LED lights are known for long lasting (up to 100,000 hours) use. With the marine-grade tinned wire and stainless steel screws the system holds up to the harshest marine environments.

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    Looks usefull wonder if they have other colors.

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    Colors are typically referred to as some states red/blue is law enforcement...amber is usually 'safety or caution'.

    I wonder what the radius of visibility is..........full spectrum or just aft....I havent seen one or a I have no idea.

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    We won't be offering other colors. Amber can't be confused as a navigational light which is required by Federal law. It's also generally recognized as a caution warning.

    We've also developed special Led Arrays to enhance visibility at further distances. One feature of our system is a flashing mode to let others know you need assistance.

    You'll see them factory installed by many marine manufacturers soon, including some outboard motors. It's also looking like insurance discounts will be available soon as well.

    Maybe we'll get a call from BRP now that they have a braking system...

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