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    Smile another 2001 gpr1200 faulty oil lines

    Well this makes 4 for just this season and I only do 5 to 8 repairs a week ,a matching pair of gpr1200s and one had center and rear oil line off ,at 60.5 hrs,50 to 65 hrs seems like the majic number, as all 4 this year had between 54 and 66 hrs on them. I am going the liner route on this ski.What is yamaha have to say about these oil line failures???I know seadoo had same problem from 1992-1995 with paint destroying the oil lines and lunching engines, they never admited it, in my shop at the height of the problem we had as many as 6 rebuilds due only to oil lines a week come in.THis is crazy,There should be a way to get them to step up!!JMHO>Marvin

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    From what I understand the oil lines come off due to shrinkage of the line and since they have nowhere to go from the tight zip tie bundles from the front of the engine and along the side of the carbs. So as its shrinking due to the tight bundling they will just slowly slide off. Take a look at how tight they are bundled in the front right where all the oil and fuel lines meet.


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    Mine, a friend and my brother in law all had it happen in one summer. If you own a 1200, first thing to do is go to go premix. Dont take a chance cuz they WILL freakin back off

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    Went premix this weekend.Its alot cheaper than a rebuild..

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    Quote Originally Posted by gixxer130 View Post
    Went premix this weekend.Its alot cheaper than a rebuild..
    Preach on brother.

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    i put 135 hours on my 1200 before i went premix, i must be one of the lucky ones..

    but please dont take what i am saying as a reason to ignore the advice given in this thread, premix is a cheap insurance policy and well worth doing.

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    While I do not own a 1200, I still intend to go premix. My sled (GP760) has 70 hrs on it, and I just ordered a block off plate for mine.

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    I just fried an engine from an oil line jumping off. Sad that the life of these engines depend on a $.02 cabletie. Going with an SBT and premix..should live forever....

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    first off on the ones I have encountered its been not only the shrinkage causing it to pull off ,but also as its shrinking the outer cover stays the same or expands and loses its spring, causing added tension on the oil line where its pushing against carb and is even as much as 11/2" too long to be over the oil only clipping the tie wraps is not enough the the fuel lines and return lines and oil lines need re-routing,and the outer covering needs clipped or shortened to allow play. also removing the cat ,really lowers temps inside engine compartment.jmho.>Marvin
    Quote Originally Posted by samiguy View Post
    I just fried an engine from an oil line jumping off. Sad that the life of these engines depend on a $.02 cabletie. Going with an SBT and premix..should live forever....
    Why sbt if its an oil line ,chances are your crank will be ok ,I have seen 4 diff.skis oil lines off,no problem with crankshaft,at worst case order a cylinder piston from yamaha or have your cylinder re-nikisiled,the hardest part about building and working on 1200 gprs is getting exhaust off and engine out,rebuilding is the easy part!!!so unless your crankshaft is toast just do a top end,much cheaper and as good a result >JMHO>Marvin
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    As much $$ as we put into these ski's, the minimal hassle of going pre-mix is well worth it.. I picked up a couple of these pre-mix containers so I can store my oil in teh exact amount and just dump it into the tank...

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