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    Rings, props, timing and combination


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    My estimates are done by using other peoples information. These people have been extremely reliable up to this point. The key is getting your rpm's up. Skip says that max power is made at 7750 rpm's and this other guy has his estimate at 7900 rpm's. Once you get the rpm's up, you bring them back down with a different impeller and gain in the low mid and high ranges. I had the R Rated 1 to 1 pulley kit installed by Rudy himself. My rpm's went up to 7950. Next my timing was advanced and installed by JWilson. That was where the big gainer was. Pulley kit gave me 1.5 mph, more rpm's, and killer low and mid pull. Advanced timing gave another 1.5-2 mph with about 150-200 rpm's. The low and mid pull is unbelievable. My timing is only advanced 5 degrees, while others are doing upwards of 10 degrees. My top speed of 71.7 was with 3/4 tank of gas. In doing these mods, you now foam the pump when taking off. Take it for what its worth cause I myself have not tested this impeller setup yet, but the tests that were done showed that the solas 16/21, which was repitched to 16.75/21 was found to be the best for the guy who was testing different pitches at his rpm's. Once again, low and mid were much better, although there was still some foaming of the pump, but not as much as before. Top speed was increased at just shy of 1 mph. This same guy tested the venturi nozzle with interchangable rings and found that his best results came with the 85mm nozzle. Once again, take it for what its worth. My stuff will be installed soon and I will share my results as well.

    Let me clear something up here. One all the results above are with the riva plate and 2 degree wedge. If you change either one the dynamics of the pump and the best combination most likely will change.

    7750 is the Kawi rating , 7900 is my target after adding mods that let it breath. Once you let the engine breath it should make peak a little higher. I chose 7900 as a target because it gives me room on either side for error and weather.

    Next thing is rpms kill engines and with the pump on this ski, you do gain speed with rpm but why spin the engine harder when you can accomplish the same with more prop. If you can pull a solas and you want maximum WOT speed get one it kicks ass everywhere but holeshot. Holeshot absolutely sucks, but add timing and a pulley and please someone give me a prop that does work down low. The key is you have to be able to pull the prop. If you cannot get 7800+ rpm out of the solas I believe it is hurting you.

    Rings well too many variations to say which one works best. I can say I have lost no top speed performance by going with the larger rings. At the same time I can say the 84 and the 85 ring provide a noticeable increase in torque feel and acceleration. Plus they just are kool to have and play with.

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    Good information and its is good to see the true ingredients to making great numbers. Glad to see this kind of good input from one of the top guys running top speeds.

    I say thank you for sharing and giving valued information the helps us members achieve results close to yours.

    I say thank you,

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