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    750 low- lowend power

    hi guys. i have a 93 sl750 that just doesn't have a lot of low end power. once it gets into the high speed range it takes off and will do 55-60 mph. checked the plugs and they are nice and clean and have just a bit of tan like they should. i run premix at 40-1, new triple pump with all new fuel lines, (the restrictor is in there) compression 120's, cleaned the carbs and set lows at 1/2 turn and highs at what the manual recommended. tried adjusting the lows a bit without much gain. highs are fine as it runs great at high speeds. it does start a bit hard too and pulling the choke when accelerating doesn't help. any ideas? with premix do i need to adjust the low speed jets different than 1/2 turn? i am assuming that if i can get 55-60 mph that my fuel delivery system should be good to go and this should be a simple fix if i have some suggestions of what to check for. any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Have you tried turning the low speed screws IN and see what happens?

    Did you check your pop off?

    Are any of the carb/s dribbling?

    Did you swap needle/seat springs?

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    no i haven't done all those things yet but guess i will have to. i think i'm going to mess with the low speed screw first. to me i'm guessing it is getting loaded up with fuel when in low speed mode and it cleans it out when going fast. i know adjusting them out didn't do much so i'll try just cracking them open just off the seats and see what happens. at least that is easy to mess with when on the beach. i'll let you know how it turns out and i appreciate the response

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