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    1st Post and Just bought a project...

    I just bought an 96 1100zxi for 200 bucks with a trailer. Guy claimed the starter went bad and they went to replace it but never did.

    Exhaust and Intakes are already removed along with starter and flywheel cover.

    Found me a shop manual and am gonna be pulling the motor completely out and going through it to make sure it holds compression and clean it up as its been sitting for like 2 years.

    heres a few pics from this morning.

    after i get it running i'll clean it up and ride it for the rest of this season (till like november here in houston lol) and then when the colder weather comes i'm gonna paint it and make it look purty

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk!!

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    welcom, sounds like a winner. Keep some pics posted

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    so if this thing does need a rebuild does anyone know how much that will cost?

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    Cheapest way is to SBT it. Its not the perferred way but the most cost effective.

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    and SBT means? lol

    i'm a jetski building noob. i've ridden them a lot but never had a project one.

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    SBT (Short Block Technologies) is an online store that sells remanufactured engines. They are not very popular with a lot of the guys around here (myself included) because of their questionable quality.

    If you have any mechanical ability, maybe you could consider getting the machine work done and rebuilding it yourself. It could save you some cash and give you a good working knowledge of your ski. Plus, you will know that you have a quality engine.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    i took it to a place i found on craigslist and he did a compression test and kinda looked it over for me.

    said its worth fixing and has compression. i'm gonna pull the motor out of the hull this weekend and start cleaning it up and putting everything back together. i'm sure the guys at the kawa dealer are gonna love me when i come in and need a bunch of hoses and bolts lol.

    also should i go ahead and do the block off kit? i'd rather run premix then have to deal with all that oil injection hoopla.

    and i just looked into SBT. F that, i'm not gonna spend 1500 bucks on a motor when i can just re-do this one if i have to. i'm mechanically inclined, just never dealt with PWC's before.

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    Good for you. It's easy, just take your time. Download the manual. or buy one! You might not have to give the dealer any of your money if you look around .

    Atlantic jet Sports
    and many others

    great source for stock and upgrades

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