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    Engine-Tech Supercharger


    The Engine-Tech 3mm supercharger drop in kit has to be the best new product of the year for us X-Boat 4 Tec guys!
    When is it going to be availible in the online store?
    Price perfomance this thing is a no brainer, yet it seems to have fallen off the radar on the forum.

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    Hi Don, last i talked to Art he was going to do more testing and get back with me. I haven't hear from him lately so not sure what's going on.

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    If you bundled a RRFR the Engine-Tech wheel, intake grate and a pitched up 15/22 it would kick ass on the Riva kit and give 6+ Mph gain with better fuel economy! It does not get any better and for under 2K the MPH and fuel economy cost per MPH can't be beat. Best of all all the parts are in stock @ your suppliers and can ship ASAP.
    You gota make this happen!
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    I am happy with this SC Wheel!

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    this sc wheel is great I have one in the boat . one going in the rxp tues

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    I have tested 2 different boats with this kit and the results are outstanding, in the aftermarket all to often products come with empty promises but this is the real deal. The only issue is to find a simple cost effective fuel solution to mate with this S/C.
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    I found this on Engine-Tech's Website: Rude replacement with spacer 15 lbs of boost @ 8600 if you are looking to upgrade then this is it and a night and day acceleration improvement.

    What is this all about, and what exactly is it for? Is it for the Rude Charger, X-Charger, or what? I thought the Rude "is what it is" and there is no upgrade for it?

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    The 137mm wheel with 3mm spacer is a direct drop in for the X Charger and that is what I have been testing. I know they have been trying other combo's one of them a drop in replacement for a Rude but I have no knowledge of those products!

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