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    Really Need Help!

    I own a yam vx at the mo 08 model good ski but bored with power i looking to buy a new rxp-x or equivelant i always hear seadoos are unreliable and blow up and yams are bullet proof but not as quick.

    Do i wait for a 09 ski from yam or look to buy current rxp-x or wait for new 09 model.

    I use the ski in england where i live and is mainly sea use just need info on running costs in comparrison and no biased replys just wanna really now what is the best ski!

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    Well first of all, your not going to get a lot of responses from other people by saying things like "sea doos blow up."

    I think you should wait until the '09 models come out for either company before making a decision. There is no need to get a ski a new ski now, the summer is almost over. You may as well shop around in the off season, for a better deal.

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    hi mate im in west scotland and ride only in the sea.
    ive rode alot of skis luckily enough and had a few lol.
    what kind of sea work you doing?cruising,alone,fast riding,wave jumping?

    a few mates have had bother with older 2 stroke seadoos in past and same mates have had trouble with yams,kawas,polarises....its called age lol.
    im not biassed at all!!!but seadoos have an unfair rep in my opinion.
    i ride fast and wave jump and got a rxp-x in may when they cam out over in uk.handfull inthe heavy chop but thats the way i like them!went out in a force 9 for 3 hours a x-mas there in my stage 1 rxp with another guy on rxp so it is possible.

    i personally aint impressed with the sho as i felt it was over hyped and where the t-x and p-x are balls out fast the ultra is king of chop whats the sho??....a supercharged cruiser.

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