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    Defective impeller??

    05, 951 2 stroke, Seadoo Sporster with 25 hours.

    Driving WOT in deep water at 50 MPH and 6850 rpm's. Suddenly speed drops to 40 mph while rpm's stay at 6850. I drop throttle and rpm's down and return to launch. Inspect wear ring and it looks worn and is missing a small piece. Take it to shop, under extended warranty.

    Shop calls and says need new wear ring. Due to cavitation and subsequent heat, impeller has hair line cracks that need welding. Must have sucked something and will not be covered under warranty. I approve repair and will pick it up in the AM.

    After consideration, I wonder if I should have argued that the impeller may have been defective and this could be the cause of cracks? I didn't hear any cavitation, not that this means it did not take place... No argument on the wear ring from foreign object although no indication present at time of running except loss of speed.

    Could my impeller have been defective? Thank you for your thoughts.


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    Got it back. Must have sucked something. New wear ring and fixed impeller blade. Not covered under warrant but can't dissagree with what they saw and believe.

    Thank you,


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