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    2 4tec Engines Will sell 1

    I have 2 engines and will sell whichever goes first. Both engines complete with exhaust and intake manifolds. No SC or electrics. Once 1 engine sells, I will have other items I can sell. J-Pipe, Pump, Stock SC, ECU, etc. Asking $3500 OBO for either engine.

    Engine 1 came out of my RXP
    05 w/ approx 80 hours
    Excellent Condition
    Never eatin washers (SC had steel washers)
    Oil Jet
    Riva Valve Train Upgrade
    Upgraded Flywheel bolts

    Engine 2 is in my RXT right now
    05 with 44 hours, probably 45 - 46 if I ride any this weekend
    Steel washers in SC

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    dam I just sold my GPR hull

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    $3000 for either engine

    $3000 for either engine. If someone buys one of these engines, I will also have stock ECU, Pump, Harness, MPEM, JPIPE, etc for sale. Basically everything needed for a conversion.

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