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Thread: 650 sx parts?

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    650 sx parts?

    Just thought i'd see if any polaris guys have any old kawi parts laying around. I'll post on a kaw section also.

    I need a oil block off kit, and would like a bilge system for it. Those are the two main things. And if you have any other parts laying around let me know. Got it dirty cheap and just basically use it as a beater, but might be up to try anything with it.

    It's a '88 sx650

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    What bilge system you looking for, the stock one? I have a parted 91 that is getting thin, but still have some things. PM me and we'll talk.

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    we have many 650 parts here for sale. you can see pics at my photo link below. look in the kawi sections, and the universal section.

    i do have oil inj block offs, 15.00. . i also have rule 500gph bilge pumps for 20.00, hose for 1.00 per ft, and a few different sws.

    send me an email if i can help. thanks.

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