Got a '88 650 sx. It's all stock now.

The routing of the fuel system does not look right to me, but dont think it has been changed at all. Is the vent line supposed to run through what looks like a water seperator? Mine is set-up with the seperator in-line on the vent line.

I'm in need of a oil inj. block off kit, and would like a bilge system. If anyone has those parts, or anything else, post it up, I may be willing to try anything on the ski. She's my cheap beater

Reason I ask about the fuel routing/ vent line is I've been having trouble with it. It acts like it's a fuel feeding issue, and almost wonder if it's a fuel tank pressure issue.

Carb was all cleaned up, it seemed to be pumping plenty of fuel, but didnt wana run unless I sprayed fogging oil into the intake. The other issue was the stock flame was ROCK hard. (also seemed to respond better with stock arrestor off) Today I replaced all the fuel lines, put on a OP flame arrestor, then hooked up a auxillary tank to the reserve line and she started right up and ran great. Then i ran it on the complete fuel system and also seemed fine.

Anywho..dont know if it was a flame arrestor choking things off, or maybe i will build vacuum in the fuel cell after riding it awhile?

Just thought i'd run it by to get some more minds thinking

Thanks, RedlineR6