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    With 2 rxp motors FS in classifieds, this could be a good deal

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    Yeah I just bought my xp from this same guy. He just blew the motor this week. I was at his house thrusday and the rxp was fine. sucks for him. if I didnt just spend all my money I would jump on it. They are a very nice couple with 2 small children.

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    My brother wanted me to post that the guy is an a$$hat, but I wouldn't be so harsh. He's just frustrated. The guy didn't have any kind of title or registration proving he was the owner. He said he never transferred the registration over from the previous owner because it takes too long. Obviously, this presents a problem when trying to purchase a registered vehicle. Anyway, after giving him the runaround for a few days and insisting on a deposit, somebody else bought it.

    se la vie.


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