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    which is better gp800r or gp1200

    ok i currently have a 2002 gpr800. but the pump and intake is shot. so i am getting a intake grate,ride plate pump seal kit impellar ,housing and probably a new pump and nossle. now i also came a across a nice 1998 gp1200. aout 100 hours with riva sponsons, extended steering nossle ,and intake grate. i can get this ski for about 3000 . so my question is keep my 800 with the mods or get the 1200. i only ask because the 800 is a much better hull and with the mods im geting it will pretty fast so i want to keep this ski but will the older 1200 be a better buy . its not the powervalve 1200 and its in the older hull so it will be slower than the gpr 1200. i just want some advice and suggestions. and around christmas time im also getting a head flame arrestors jet kit free flow and a primer kit to remove the choke plates and a oil block plate. so what should i do?

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    I would stick with the 800 although the 1200 is fun too.

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