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Thread: out on the lake

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    out on the lake

    man, these sea poo guys just think they are hot sh#%. Me and the old lady are out on our polaris 750 and 650 and pull up to the beach area to swim and this guys telling a couple of locals...."YA, that one is an 06 and I paid eleven five for that one and 4500 for the 02" then he looks at mine and the guy he was talkin to was like are those cheaper and he was like "oh yeah way cheaper".............. Idiots! im out there doing the same thing he is for probably less than he's got into the trailer! and I could run circles around that sea turd all day. some people have no clue.....

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    "Sea-Turd" - I like it.

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    They all shush up once they see 60+mph and 40ft rooster tails from the 10+ year old skis

    It's all personal preference. My thing is, heck, you can buy a used Polaris, spend the money and completely redo it from ground up...paint, engine, tons new parts and still be under HALF of what new skis cost. And a have a much more fun ski to ride in my opinion.

    Late 90's early 2000's Polaris ski's ruled the sport.

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