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    spesdometer and vts

    need help.
    speedometer registers 4 to 5 (vts at this point still working), so asked a technician to check it. he mentioned resetting with his computer.
    tested the rxp07 this morning and aside from the speedometer now only registering 0, the vts guage doesn't show anything nor is the vts working.

    i hope someone can help me. inviting the technician over would mean i have to buy him another round trip plane ticket to my place.


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    It sounds like he turned off the VTS option with BUDS. Can't say for sure about the speedometer. But, you should have tested it while he was there. You should be able to turn the speedo wheel with your hand or use some compressed air to really spin it. And obviously, you should be able to VTS on the trailer... Ron

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    you're right. was busy at that time.

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