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    lack of power on my polaris sl 780

    Hi guys!

    Im wondering if anyone can help me out with a problem ive got?
    Me and my fiance took our jet ski out for the first time today and we got her in the water, started her up, gave it some throttle but it would not go above a few miles per hour. I checked the choke and throttle and all seems well, you can see petrol being squirted in but the revs remain really low! It seems as though its bogging, maybe too much fuel or something but im not sure!

    Any comments would be grately appreciated!!

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    you may want to check your cylinder compresion. When that happened to me my center cylinder had blown and had no compression. The other two were carrying the load. You can stop by autozone and get a compresion test kit. There are alot of reasons for this problem to occur but I like to rule out the big ones first.

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    The bloke i bought it off told me to contact the local jet ski mechanic if i wanted any reasurance regarding the watercraft as he had given it a full service and could confirm that all the cylinder heads were ok. I did this and he told me that the pressure in all three was good.
    Im reluctant but i feel that i should take the ski to the jet ski repair centre to get it looked at by the proffesionals as i dont feel completely confident to have a go myself and feel like it would take me forever to diagnose, and i cant try it out on the water very easily because i dont have a lake near bye, so id have to do some work then take it and test it until i found the problem!

    Im dying to get it sorted but feel frustrated and i worry that it will cost a fortune!

    What would you suggest i do?

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    this problem could be as simple as a fouled spark plug. Replace them and get back to us. If you are not compfortable doing minor repairs on your own or do not have time you should probably just take it to a mechanic or have a friend help you. It probably won't cost that much to fix if it is a fuel delivery or spark issue. Remember, most mechanics will give you advice and tell you alot about your engine if you are curious. You are not just paying for them to fix your ski, if you ask the right questions, then you will know what to do next time. Knowledge is power.

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    Well i think i might just try a few small procedures and see where it gets me, ive got a manual for it and have been studying it so i can try the trouble shooting section and take it from there!

    Thanks for ur imput lazy

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    Welcome to the Hulk Polaris.

    Is the red warning light flashing at all?

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    Yes the red warning light came on, i took the fuse out of the cdi to diconnect the display and disconected the wire to the tank because i thought it might be putting it in limp mode (or whatever its called when ur low on fuel) if the sender wasnt working! when i bought it the seller said something about the sender, he said that he put a new fuel tank in (and i presume the sender to go with it). when i got it home after i bought it i noticed that the fuse had blown to the lcd display and certain wires had been disconnected, so i found out where they came from and reconnected them. everything came back on but after a while the red light came back on and hasnt gone of since and now ive found out that there isnt much power on the water! Ive just bought a plug spanner and im on the look out for a spark plug clamp then ill check the spark on the plugs! Do you think the red light has anything to do with the power loss?

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    I forgot to mention that the red light doesnt flash, its just lit up permanently!

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    If it's the low fuel lamp it will put you in limp home mode, roughly 4200RPM.
    It may be the reason he had the grey wire disconnected??

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    With the red light on what does the display say? FUEL, HOT, OIL. Try and disconnect the gray wire from the CDI and see if it helps.

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