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    Synthetic Oil B/C Ethonol

    I threw away the oil injection and am mixing oil manually. Now I need to know what oil to use. I have heard a lot of bad stories about what ethanol is doing to 2-stoke engines and fuel filters. I have heard that it is now necessary to use full synthetic oil if you run gas with ethanol. I think it has something to do with the way the ethanol reacts with water and petro oil in fuel. Please make a full synthetic oil recommendation. I found some Mobile synthetic 2-stroke oil but it wasn’t TCW3.

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    Can you purchase gasoline without Ethanol in your area?

    Sometimes the premium fuel at one brand or another will NOT have Ethanol. You might have to actually telephone each fuel company's customer service number to find out who does NOT have Ethanol, and in what fuel grades.

    Ethanol is not a good thing for marine engine fuel, even if you are not pre-mixing.

    Perhaps you could consider re-installing the oil injection system...

    Have a look at the Amsoil Saber Outboard oil, see what they say about pre-mix and Ethanol in PWC engines. Here is the Amsoil 2-stroke oil application chart.

    Here is an interesting article discussing Ethanol in older 2-stroke engines.

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    Thanks for the reply. I will not reinstall the oil injection system. I had to replace clinders and pistons because of this sytem. All I need is a full synthetic oil because it remains mixed in the fuel even if ethonol and water is present.

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    I find it interesting to note the guy who wrote that article about E85 in marine engines mentions it costs the same as regular gasoline, but fails to mention it contains about 30% less energy (i.e. 30% worse fuel economy for "the same price").


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