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    White Smoke

    I just bought a 2003 GP1300R. I am pretty new to waverunners so I wanted to ask about this problem. I have been getting alot of white smoke while flushing after use. I dont notice the smoke in the water, but it was hard to tell. All the research i have done says that it is most likely a cooling water leak. Also, I checked my spark plugs and they are black. Can anybody give me some pointers as to how i should diagnose the problem. Also let me know if you agree and think it is probably a cooling water leak. thanks a lot.

    I am also getting a check engine warning indication a malfunctioning sensor i believe. When i pull the codes on the display I get "01" meaning normal.
    I just realized that i posted this in the wrong forum - sorry about that.

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    welcome to the forum.

    my 2002 premix ski also blows a ton of white smoke when i flush it but i figured it was just running very rich because its 32:1 ratio for fuel and oil.

    i do not personally get any warnings from the dash but i will be keeping on eye on this thread now to see what the pro's say.

    just be patient and some of the guys will chip in.

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    If it is just white smoke then that is moisture in the lines/fuel.

    but if it is not white but more blueish or black then you have other issues.

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    it is just white, not blueish or black. what is the best way to isolate where the moisture is getting in?

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    I'm having this same problem. Only the white smoke in mine is escaping from inside the hull somewhere in addition to the exhaust pipe so I'm going to have to pull the engine to see if I have a leak or crack somewhere in the engine.

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    i also just did a compression test. all 3 cylinders came in at 100 psi. this is a little low. worn rings? or could it be something else?

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    i took it to get the recalls done (bracket and throttle body cable) and they said that the bilge pump wasnt working. so that was replaced also. took the ski out and there is no more white smoke. maybe i was getting some water in the hull and it was getting into the exhaust or toughing the exhaust piping. but it seems to be fixed now.

    still getting the warning light though. pulled the codes again and its 19 for incorrect battery voltage. gonna check out the rectifier/regulator. hopefully its just that and will be an easy fix.

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