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    How sweet is this?

    Alright so I woke up this morning and said, You know i've had a kinda crappy week and today is my B-Day so im just gunna fill my ski all the way to the brim and ride it all day and have alot of fun. I got her (01 gp1200r)in the water and was cruzing around for about 5 minutes or so and I spun ANOTHER I-shaft!!! I just replaced the I-shaft a few months ago because I spun it. So I swam it back to my house where my parents came outside right when I got back and was yelling at me to take the trailer out of the driveway. So needless to say I just had to take it out of the water and now its back in the driveway again so my parents arent the happiest people right now. So as soon as I can get another one and replace it its going up for sale. That was the last straw braking down on me, on my B-Day. Happy birthday to me!

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    Oh dam! I hate that kind of crap. You get all pumped about going ride and the day quickly goes to sh!t. Sucks. Sorry dude.

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