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    Eratic running ultra 150

    Hello all.

    I was out today on my 1999 Ultra 150 and for an hour or two it ran fine I then noticed after pulling a skier around for 20 odd mins the engine would hesitate and bog down at around 30 mph. I took it in and took out all 3 plugs which didn't look to bad at all as they were less than 3 hours old. Once cleaned I popped them back in and tried again.

    But the ski would occasionaly pick right up and pull but once I let off the throttle it would again bod down and not run correctly. As said the plugs were only 3 odd hours old so wouldn't of thought it was that? What else would you guys think could be a problem, what should I check first. The gas was only put in today!!!!

    Help please.


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    When you pulled the plugs, were they wet at all? They won't really change much in color after only 3 hours. It took my plugs a couple of days worth of riding before turning into chocolate The bog you're describing is suggesting to me that just maybe the high tension leads are in need of being clipped. When they heat up they will become more resistant so more engine output is needed to overcome that resistance. What makes them need a little snip off the ends, is the internal wiring breaking or becoming worn out. Sometimes as well, the leads will back out of the caps just enough to drop a cylinder or make continuity not happen with minimal voltage. Try pulling off the plug caps and cut off a 1/4 inch of high tension lead, then re-install and go for a run. If nothing else it's a good starting point and very easy to do. One thing to do as well...use a good zip-tie and really secure those caps to the leads or they will back out again and again.

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    Eratic running ultra 150

    Thank you for the advice.

    I will try clipping the ends of the HT leads and see if that helps.

    If a plug is fouled would it be ok just to give them a good clean and pop them back in? My Ultra runs the exspensive plugs so would be costly to have to replace them all.

    Cheers Si

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    Unfortunately if the plugs are fouled up it usually affects them permanently. I have spoken to Kawasaki in the past regarding plug failure in their newer pwcs and they blaim it on using regular 87 octane fuel. The Ultra 250X has to have a minimum of 90 octane. You may be beat on that one dude. But don't toss the old plugs. Keep them in the ski encase you're out somewhere and one plugs burns up and stops working entirely.

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    Eratic running ultra 150


    Well I did indeed trim some from the HT leads, and cleaned up the plugs. Took it out and it was still playing up!!!

    I then felt all the plugs and the middle one was cold, so I swapped out all three plugs for new ones. Was great for 20 mins then back to the same real bad bog down.

    I now need to go a little deeper into my problem, any suggestions? Should I maybe have a look into the box where the HT leads go? Is this fairly untraumatic for a relative newbie?

    Cheers for the help. Si

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    I just took a quick peak at the exploded view of your machine in the manual and it shows that you have 3 coils. I would check on all the coil grounds. Make sure they are good and tight and no corrosion. A good thing to do is to take some fine grit sandpaper or emerycloth and clean up the mounts where the bolts go through. These are the grounds for the primary windings on each coil. Get them nice and shiny, and the spots where they bolt to underneath them, then coat them with di-electric grease. Coat the laminated cores too (the mounts where the bolts go through) with that stuff. It will prevent corrosion from starting. If that doesn't cure it, then I would think the next step to take would be testing the coil that your cold plug is running off of. If your ski is bogging down after 20 minutes then it could be that the coil is heating up and failing. If it is coil related, it's not a big deal...just the expense is what sucks.

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    Eratic running ultra 150


    Well finally managed to do the compression test on my Ultra.

    115-110-115 on the three so doesn't seem as though I have done any permanent damage. So I guess my next question is where next Should I tackle the electrical box or would I look at a carb problem. I have checked the fuel filter and it all looks fine no sign of water or crap floating around.

    What do you lot reckon now, or should I just take it to a shop and get it sorted.


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    I would check the reeds. Some of those symptoms point to that. My bet would be #2 reed is bad since the compression is a little lower and its fouling #2.

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    Eratic running ultra 150

    Ok so is that an easy enough job to check the reeds How far into the engine will I need to dig?


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    All you have to do is unbolt the carbs and lay them in the bottom of the hull. Then remove the intake manifold, the reeds are rite there. One sign of a bad reed is when you rev it up it "spits" back through the carb.

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