ThanxHey 900 has always seemed sluggish,not much recovery from a hook, always seemed fuel related. Well my rpms wre at almost 7k but sometimes they would slip to 6500 and I could usually pepper the throttle and it would get back up there.Well I pulled my carbs cuz I figured I should clean and inspect.Apparently the tubes in the airbox crumbled and were injested. I cleaned out the carbs,inspected reeds and replaced tubes. The carb settings were a little lean and a prior plug chop appeared lean, so I fattened up both hi and lows to like 7/8 and 1+3/8...At first it seemed to run good , a little bog on take off, maybe too fat. I was catchin just a bit over 7k and seemed a bit faster. Still it would have to be 'coaxed' into max rpms. Gradually performance slipped and faded. Started to max at 6k....pulled airbox to find lots of oil residue inside and in tubes.Cleaneed up and ran it again...more slime....Re-checked reeds..none broke or stuck.....whats up with this????? How would fuel go up into box withourt a broken reed???? Heavy fuel consumption and oh yeah, I never got ALL the crumbly plastic outta da it gonna be ok??