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    Help, may have big problem

    I went out on my 96 SPX Friday and rode around perfect then left it by the dock in the water because I was going back out today, Sunday. I went out there today and noticed that the hull was completely filled with water so I emptied it and started it up and it sounded good. The ski wont hardly go over idle speed though. I dont have a trailer ATM because my other ski is on it being fixed so I cant take it out of the water. Im going back over there tommorow and gonna try to work on it in the water. What should I do? What could be wrong. I just bought these things and am having so many problems im getting kinda scared it could cost me a lot of money. Thanks.

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    Anytime anything is going on with your engine please pull your spark plugs, they will tell you everything you need to know.

    black= fouled
    dry= no fuel
    wet=fouled or no spark.

    Pull you plugs, try to turn the engine over, and see if any water shoots out. If not, install a new set and see how it runs.

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    You can drop an auto bilge pump in there until you can get it on a trailer. Go with the info above.

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    babyj, it sounds like your thru hull fitting is leaking you need to get the ski outta the water to check it. you could check it in the water after you clear out the water in the hull just look at the accordian boot on the driveshaft (if yours has the carbon ring setup I'm not sure if the 96 has them or not)and see if it has water dripping/seeping out around it, if it does than there is your problem. as for the crappy running it's also possible that the rear electrical box got water in it when the hull flooded, does the ski still have the grey driveshaft cover? if it's missing and the thru hull fitting is leaking it's throwing water around the engine compartment and getting the plug wires wet.
    if the ski has sat in the water and flooded I highly reccomend if at all possible pull the plugs and check for water in the cylinders.

    to test the thru hull fitting get the ski on the trailer install the drain plugs and fill the hull with water (not too just enough to be over the driveshaft and hull fitting then look under the ski where the driveshaft comes out and you will see water coming out around the driveshaft if the hull fitting is leaking..

    side note: if your ski has the thru hull with the carbon ring/accordian boot check the hose clamp on the boot make sure it's tight and sitting in the correct place on the ring, the boot is what keeps the tension on the rings I had my gtx flood on me this year and I found out the boot was on the wrong place on the ring and wasn't holding enough tension to make the seal. when the ski ran the bailers kept the water level down but when we were beached/docked it let water in.

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