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    *UPDATE* my $400 Exhaust and Ic setup

    Got an update on my setup from this thread.

    Well I got the boat out on the water this weekend and got some numbers for you. Rpms went from about 7820-7840rpm to hitting the rev-limiter which is at 8200rpm! Best speed with the GPS was 58.00mph that was right at the limiter, the speedo was reading about 55 mph so mine was close near the top end but at 30 mph on speedo gps was showing almost 37! The exhaust sounds just about the way I hoped it would sound very close to the gibson in clips I've seen, nice rumble at wake speed, very throaty when reving up, and at but at speed you can barely hear it so you can still talk with out screeming so it may be a little quieter than the gibson at top end. So I think its time for a new impeller so I can keep it off the rev-limiter.

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    By the way what size impeller do you guys think I should get for my boat now? I want better low end and also something that will keep it off the rev-limiter.

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    Throw a 14/19 in there and you'll be happy.

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