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    Potato in the exhaust pipe...

    Okay...anybody experience this?

    Two rxt's sitting at anchor over night...the stock one has an o-ring issue on one of the drain plugs...the ski without a resonator has a similar issue...but not as bad. Both took on water over night. The stock one though has about 2" more than the other for a total of about 4" in the hull.

    The slighty modified ski starts right up in the morning and after a quick trip has no water in the hull...the stock ski however won't start. It'll turn over....won't start.

    After towing the dead ski to the ramp....4 miles...then getting it home....105 miles...I pull the plugs...they look fine....check sc inlet...looks fine...turn the motor over...nothing hits the ceiling...replace intake...fires right up....lots of water is blown outa the exhaust...but she fired and ran fine...inspected the oil...seems clear.

    What'ya think?

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    sounds like the amount of water you had in the waterbox wouldnt let the engine breath enough to fire up. like a potato in the tail pipe

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    That's what it looked like to me...a $.10 part crippling a 11K dollar machine.

    Time for some new o-rings.

    What made me grin, was that loud ass pipe letting me ride another day.

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