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    2mm over on a 750sx problems??

    I was wanting to find out if I put 82mm bore cylinders on a 750sx, would that cause any problems with heat or anything? Also what fuel ratio should be ran for a premix? This ski will not be raced, its just for recreational use.

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    you should be fine. If you do notice the engine running extremely hot you can always tap the pump and run a 2nd cooling line. Also i wouldnt throw on sxr cylinders the port timing maybe differnt. I would make sure they are the right cylinders. I would run a premix of 32:1 using a good synthetic 2 stroke oil such as red line(hands down the best) or ams oil. But be prepared 2 spend 50+ a gallon. Check the compression after you rebuild if it is 175+ you need to run 92 octane

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