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    Question 2001 virage fuel injected wont go over 3500rpm

    I just bought a 1999 slh and a 2001 virage 1200 fuel injected on ebay. the slh runs fine, but the virage will not go over 3500 or 4000 rpm. It cuts out like the rev limiter is shutting it off. It does not have a check engine light on. I unplugged the reverse wire and it ran the same. I unplugged the overheat wire and it ran worse, would not go over 2000rpm and the check engine light came on. When I first started to ride it, it ran better but still cut out. It would not go over 50mph. I understand that these should go about 60. Then all of a sudden it started cutting out at 3500rpm. Now it will not go over 35mph. I tested the compression, and all 3 are around 120psi. I also installed a new set of those high priced ngk spark plugs ($14.00 each from carquest). I am a long ways from any dealers (125 miles) so I would like to figure this out myself before next weekend. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Have you checked the TPS? Lots of issues with those on here. Just do a search on it (throttle position sensor) and you will find many posts. I don't think I'm qualified to help, but I've read that on many post.

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    Have you downloaded the 2002 Service Manual?

    The RPM limiter does limit at 3500RPM, so it is important to determine if you are really limited at 3500, or if some other issues just happens to be causing rough running at a similar RPM.

    The TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) can cause this sort of behavior, but it is not the only possibility. If your 2001 TPS looks like the photo, then it may well be time for a new one. Even if that doesn't fix the problem, it is good to have a spare TPS.

    What temp sensor did you disconnect? The one under the air box?
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    check reed valves. One sucked in/broken will cause this problem. Easy to check. Pull the lid off the air box/flame arrestor. (2 bolts, 13mm socket). Start engine. Pour small amount of fuel down each throttle body one at a time. If engine speeds up reeds are ok. If engine does not speed up possible broken reed. Pour a little more down one that does not respond and watch to see if fuel "spits back". If it does, definate reed problem. Hold your hand over each throttle body. Good reed will suck on your hand, back reeds will do nothing.

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    Very good reply on how to check reeds,I like it alot,makes good sense.

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