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    Little Help Needed

    Need a little help.....
    05 RXT - 55 hrs......running great as always on the lake today. Stopped for a break....
    Input key....gauges booting up erractically and no confirmation "beeps". Many attempts tried and now the RXT only recognizes my learning key...OK...
    but the display says I now have a depth gauge (lol) and I get a "Sensor" displayed...
    OK...after docking after tow I found the battery had totally died..ok this happens....but was kinda quick death....
    Now with a new battery the gauges and display boot as normal except I still get "Sensor" displayed and the "Depth Gauge" option. And it does not recognize my regular key.....,
    With th elearning key inserted and when I press start, I hear a "clicking" at the starter as if it will not engage....
    Thoughts.....hope it is simple...

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    Sounds like an ECU brain fart. Gotta take this one to dealer and have it reset with BUDS.

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    Battery ran low and caused a loss of programming. Will have to take it to dealer and have the setting reconfigured and the full key re authorized. With a new battery clicking sounds like you have a bad connection or corrosion somewhere. Redo the battery terminal connections and try. If that doesn't work have the battery tested just to make sure you didn't get a bad one.

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    If you bought a lead/acid battery, check the electrolyte level and put the battery on a 1-amp trickle charger overnight and see of that helps. Some batteries come dry and need to have the acid added and need to be charged... Ron

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    Thanks Guys! You were all correct.
    .....lets keep "doin the doo"....

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