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    Could Someone please shed some light on 99 SLX?

    Ok here goes.
    99 slx 1050 bogs out at 3700 rpm. First thought was that it isn't getting enough fuel so went through carbs and saw nothing wrong, fuel strainer/seperator. Running the choke makes it way worse. Black soot on exhuast outlet..
    So onto ignition. Plugs are new but very very wet/oily.
    Teste4d stator and it ohmed out ok to specs in polaris manual, but now here i read that that does not mean much with these stators. I checked coil and that ohmed out a ok plug wires a ok. checked all connections and even tested trigger coils in stator with 9 volt battery/turn the crank/check for trigger resistance change thing. Spraying premixed fuel/oil into carbs does not make the situation better at all. So am i correct in thinking it needs that stator/cdi upgrade kit?

    Thanks for any train of thought as i am just beside myself with this one. I thought electronics either worked or not! No in between.....

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