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    Cooling Problems on Gp1300r

    Hello all,

    So I have a 03 Gp1300R which has been running fine for years. This year however has been a rather pain in the a$$. I finally got the thing out on my nearby lake and I ran it for about 30 -45 minutes with no problems...other than some weird engine bog here and there. I pulled into to my boss's cove, pulled up to his dock and once I got near, I managed to suck up alot of crap in my impeller. So I jumped in and cleaned out the intake (until I couldnt feel anything else) and now for some reason I am not getting anymore water through the cooling system. Usually the lil nozzles on the front of the runner are spitting out water, now I dont get anything. Where is the water intake for the cooling system? Is there an actual pump or does it rely on pressure from the impeller. My hunch is I got some really fine crap jammed in there somewhere, I just havent had the time or clear weather to look.

    I should note that in the 30 -45 minutes I was riding, I never got a high temp warning, I would think if it wasnt cooling the engine would have looked like a steam kettle after 5 minutes.

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    Looking @ the back of the ski...Look through the steering nozzle and venturi. On the Left is a white strainer. Make sure that is free of debris etc.. There is a plate on the lest side that gives you access to it. BE CAREFUL WITH THE BOLTS ON THAT PLATE. They are super soft so heat them up if you have to remove them.

    That is where you are getting all of the cooling water from.

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    Ah ha, I know exactly what you are talking about, I have seen that before.

    usually normal seaweed in my lake isnt a problem, but the stuff near my bosses house....Basically it looks like I pulled a toupee out of the intake.

    I have to install a new Intake grate later on anyways, I'll be sure to flush all that crap out of there when I do.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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    I removed that plate and cleaned out the little strainer, there wasn't anything in there, but I still cleaned it. I also hooked up my garden hose to the runner and flushed it out. Water came pouring out of all holes ( the 2 on either side, the water intake I just cleaned and it came out the exhaust port as well.

    This tells me 2 things.

    1. There are no clogs in the line anywhere
    2. There are no leaks in any of the pipes...I put enough water through this thing to fill up a kiddie pool, if it were leaking it would have flooded the whole runner.

    How does the water get sucked in? Is there a water pump of some sort or does the thrust of the impeller force it in?
    I'm guessing the only true way to test is to drop it in water and run it.

    Here is one other question, If you leave the cap off of the engine flush inlet, will that kill the suction in sme way? I seriously doubt it, but someone had suggested it and I didnt have an answer for him.

    Thanks all

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    Hi Priest,just be sure ski is running when hooked to the hose(start ski,turn on water,turn off water then you can shut off ski)!
    the water gets forced in by the pressure in the pump.
    leaving the cap off shouldn't cause a problem(yamaha did spend money on it so you never know)?no suction there but if it malfunctions it could let water in the hull!

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    Update #2 Tooks her out for a spin on the lake today....Looks like all that cleaning worked.... she was spittin out water like washing machine

    I also swapped out the intake grate while I was cleaning, I pulled out about big salad bowl worth of seaweed off the prop shaft.

    Thanks for all the help guys!

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