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Thread: fuel filters

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    fuel filters

    I posted this in the seadoo section as well.. any insight would be great,,,

    Hi fellas,

    New to ski's but race dirtbikes and shifter karts, I bought a couple skis used one is a 1997 SeaDoo GTS and the other is a 2000 Polaris Virage. The GTS had been put up for 2 years prior to me getting it. I went ahead and removed the tempo fuel lines and replaced with Gates fuel line and new clamps,

    I did not service the filter in the carb, but after 4 hours of run time I am experiancing the plugged filter syndrom.

    My question is can it be simply removed and a INLINE filter next to the carb be run? I run these hi volume clear filters on the shifter karts. for one you can see the fuel and it would be a pinch to service.

    Let me know if you would

    thanks Doug

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk Polaris forum!

    There should already be an inline fuel filter, upstream from the fuel pump.

    The carb internal filters are there to catch any dirt that somehow gets past the main fuel filter. Normally, they don't accumulate much material. If that little filter was removed, and you did get some grit into the carb, it would plug the small fuel passages inside the carb, and be much harder to clean out than the little carb filter.

    Replace the main fuel filter, if you have not done so already. Sometimes the fuel filter is missing, if a previous owner decided to not replace it.

    If you have a fuel/water separator, make sure it is clean, and is showing zero water inside. If the indicator ring is floating, then you may have more water in the fuel tank, which would need to be drained and cleaned out.

    And clean the carb internal filters, but put them back.

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