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    So I was thinking and reading from other posters... what all would I need to do to turn my 96 Sl 780 to a pro 785? besides cash? LOL I am currently looking for a performance intake grate, woud If I was to also upgrade my pellar, woudl I get a good boost there as well?

    (side question) I bought the 780 with no trim on it, what is the purpose of the trim, is that for turning or balance?

    next big subject, (figure I wopuld knock it all out at once... lol) for the 97 SLT700 what upgrades can I do to these? anything that will make a big improvement?

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    starflight has been documenting his SL780 triple pipe conversion project. A LOT of work involved.

    Best way to get Pro 785 performance is to sell your SL780, and buy a Pro 785. The dollar difference these days isn't that much, and in addition to the engine, you get the Pro hull, which itself seems to be worth the change.

    For the Pro ride with less mechanical complexity that the Pro 785 engine+pipes, the Pro 1200 has similar power, similar Pro hull, and a standard 1200 Polaris engine.

    Then you could consider adding triple pipes to the Pro 1200, and make it crazy fast. The pipes are rather rare, but there is a set for sale right now.

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