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    I did a search before posting but didnt see what I was looking for. I have 69 hours on my 05 RXP, I just recently noticed when I put the key in the word Maint flashed on the screen for a few seconds and then goes away. Are these things programmed to do that after a certain number of hours or do I have a problem? Everything seems fine

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    When did the message start? Did you ever have the 10 hour done by the dealer?

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    The Maint flashing is a reminder to get service done. Mine came on at around 50 hours (just after I pulled the tether off for the first time while the ski was running) and has been on for the last 70 hours. Only a dealer can reset it... Ron

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    My Rotax Racing ECU does this.. I presumed it did this because it was the racing ECU, but is it just a service reminder that can be reset through B.U.D.S? My dealer is super cool, doesn't care what I do to the ski mod wise, doesn't affect my warranty. They specialize in motorcycles & ATV's don't know jack about ski's. I had to show them how to program the keys through B.U.D.S. when I bought my RXP-X haha

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    Yea I had my 10 hour service done. I didnt think It was problem, I just thought I would address it. I am not gonna worry bout it. Thanks for quick responses people

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