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    99 Ultra 150 lacks power when cold

    I have a 99 Ultra 150 that maxes out at 5000 rpms for about 10 minutes until it gets warm/hot and then it takes off and runs fine the rest of the day. The fuel guage hasn't worked since I bought it and the warning light is always flashing. Didn't know if this has something to do with it. All the plugs look fine and I get a spark when I take the plug boot off and stick a screw driver between it and the tip of each spark plug. It seems like it is running on two cylinders until it gets hot. I was thinking there may be a connection that doesn't fully engage until the wires or something expand enough from heat to make contact. I was thinking about snipping the wires and re-inserting into the boot as I have seen on other posts but I haven't done that before and wasn't sure if there is technique I need to use (such as stripping the wire?). I was also thinking a fuel supply issue but not sure where to start.

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    Sounds like it might be plug wires causing the running issue. They thread on, there is a screw inside the boot. Just remove them and trim about a 1/4 inch then screw them back on. 5k rpm sounds like it is running on 2 cylinders. The fuel gauge issue can be tracked down by following the trouble shooting steps in the manual.

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    Thanks for pointing out the need to screw the plug wire heads off and back on. Turns out is was a faulty plug on the front cylinder but it looked like the wire trimming needed to be done. Replaced the plug and and I was back in business.

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    Good to hear you found the problem. The 5k rpm is a dead givaway you were running on 2 cylinders. Quick way to find a fouled one is to feel the plug base after it has been running a bit. If one is noticeably cooler then its fouled or not firing for some other reason.

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