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    Fuel Pump Problems

    I have 2 Rxp's the same model the same year. The fuel pump went bad on one of them (according to the mechanic went bad). I traded the fuel pumps on both seadoo's with each other, the seadoo that worked did the did the same as the one not working. And the one not working did the same thing it did not start. I traded them back how the originally where And I went back to where I started. One that ran and one didn't. Can anyone tell me whats goin on?

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    Well, it sounds like the one that won't start has more than one problem: the fuel pump and something else. You'll need to provide more information, like what happened to the ski that won't start just before the problem occured? Were you running it on the hose at the time?... Ron

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    King Of Fun aka ron

    Thanks for the reply, I think it was on the hose when it messed up. It's getting spark according to the machanic, if that helps. If someone could give me a list of whats wrong I'll check them all. Befor it wouldn't start, it would stall out after a few secounds.


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    You might try pulling the plugs and cranking the engine. If water shoots out the plug holes you have injested water from turning on the hose before starting the engine. If water does come out, you need to get the ski started asap... Ron

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