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    Need Help!! Water In Octane Cdi Box

    Need Help!! Water In Octane Cdi Box
    I had some starting issue with my ski it finally would not start. I moved the cdi box around and it started right up. There is a lot of water in the cdi box. What should I do to clean it. I got the water out and I sprayed it with wd-40. Will the cdi still be good? Like I said It has weak spark, but does start once I shake box around.

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    In the CDI or the electrical box?

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    electrical box

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    The Octane was known for having a warped cover on the electrical box, from how the fire extinguisher was mounted across it. I bought a new cover for mine, after mine warped, $92 from

    Also, somebody had been inside my e-box, and put things back in in the wrong order, so the lid wouldn't shut properly in any case. It took 20 min of fiddling to figure out how it should all fit together correctly. You might check and see if this has anything to do with your box not closing....

    Sounds like you should dry your e-box out really well, clean all the electrical contacts (I use a product made by CRC called 2-26), and make sure your cover is sealing properly. If not, get a new lid as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superstock1986 View Post
    ...I got the water out and I sprayed it with wd-40...
    WD-40 is not the best thing to use - the solvent and think oils in the formula tend to degrade the wire insulation over time.

    Clean it up, wipe off the WD-40, and spray a proper electrical protectant on there. Or smear Nyogel type dielectric (insulating) goop around the contacts and metal bits.

    Remove the terminal board (if yours has one) to make sure the back side is not corroded, and is clean, dry, and protected.

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