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    Replacing footwell mats??????

    I am buying a 2004 FX HO from a private party. During a service the dealer tor up one of the footwell mats. To replace the damage the dealer gave an entire set of new style footwell mats, the only thing is I have to put them on.

    I know how the process works for searching, I saw orange oil to remove adhesive and weldwood cement glue to stick the new mats on...

    The mats already come with adhesive on there from yamaha, do I still need to add more adhesive or not?

    How difficult it is to replace foot well matting? I know I need to take off the back rub rail and the visibility spout cover to install the new stuff which sounds like a pain.

    Should I just take the mats in and ask the dealer to install them?

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    its really not hard to take off teh spout and rub rail, just be sure to put the spout back on with the arrow facing forward. use a sharp window knife or razor balde layed flat against the mat, slowly push it under then take em off, wash teh area good with rubbing alchol and allow to dry, replace without and other adhesive is fine. just the oem ones as they come.

    teh back rub rails you may need to break off teh rivets from inside under the rail, or cut with a dremel and flat blade, either way works, then replace them with stainless steel bolt, washer and nuts, home depot sells them, i think there a size 10, just bay a pack and try and then get the rest to get right size, but im pretty sure its a size 10 bolt. dont use teh rivets to replace back rub rail, these are much better. good luck

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    I have found that it is easier to remove the old ones with a heat gun. The new ones with the adhesive back are just peel and stick. Make sure you clean the surface real good prior to installing and they will last a long time, I clean the mat area with acetone take care to keep it away from plastic parts. also plan your moves prior to applying once down they hold fast and hard.

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