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    Throttle problems/ need help

    Its been awhile since I last visited the forum! My 750 runs okay once I get it going. My problem is when I first start it up with the choke, it will start then die out, sometimes I would have to ride the starter with the choke and then it finally starts up and idles. Then when I give it a little throttle it stalls out. If I open the throttle too fast it stalls. I have to barely open the throttle to get it to move before it stalls again. The engine is stock. I have removed the oil injection system, running Premix, triple outlet fuel pump and Vortex AF. The idle is set to 1300 rpms. I have played with the hi/lo speed adjustments and I'm not getting any good results. Lows are set at one turn to 1 1/2 and hi's not sure because the caps are on. I basically play with the little tab on the cap and use it as a point of reference. Tab right , tab down and tab to the left. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!!

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    Have you rebuilt the carbs yet also make sure the fuel switch is not plugged up if it runs good after the bogg i would then put bigger low speed jets in it .

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    Thanks for the advise, the carbs have not been touched and I was thinking the same about the jets. I will check the fuel selector also. Thanks again

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